Puraflo Peat Fiber
A product of Bord na Mona who has been supplying wastewater treatment systems in Ireland for over 20 years, Puraflo has been offered in the U.S. since 1993 with a strong proven track record of performance.

Puraflo peat "fibre" is imported from the Republic of Ireland and has a proven longer life expectancy compared to other "moss" media.

Puraflo peat fibre has a greater resistance to decay and degradation due to its extremely fibrous structure and high lignin content.  Puraflo peat fibre has a noted life expectancy of 15 or more years prior to replacement with some systems functioning with the original peat fibre for over 20 years.  It can be used in residential and light commercial applications.

The greatest benefits are derived from the reliability and simplicity of how the Puraflo biofilter wastewater treatment system works, with no blowers or re-circulating pumps required, an important feature for any residential system.  Following a septic tank containing an effluent filter, the wastewater is time dosed, in the Puraflo biofilter wastewater treatment system modules.

Time dosing is an important aspect of the design that protects the drainfield and ensures high treatment performance, with ammonia levels of less than 5mg/l.  For sites where no power is available, a siphon system can be utilized for time-dosing.

What is peat fibre?

  • Peat fibre is made up largely of the un-decomposed roots of bog cotton and bog sedges
  • It accounts for about 1-2% of peat in Ireland
  • It is extracted using a specially developed screening system
  • Peat is air dried - it retains very specific moisture content
  • Peat serves as excellent growth medium for microorganisms
  • It is durable media with long life expectancy

What are the Advantages of Puraflo's Peat Fibre Biofilter Media?

  • High hydraulic loading rates without ponding
  • Physical, Chemical and Biological treatment
  • Withstands temperature and pH fluctuations
  • Maintains an aerobic environment
  • Conditions facilitate growth of microorganisms
  • No biomat maintenance on media
  • High retention time optimizes treatment
  • Harmful bacteria are out competed and die off
  • GREEN by Nature!

What site conditions warrant a Puraflo Peat Fibre system?

  • High water table and low permeability soil conditions
  • Shallow depth to restrictive layer or rock
  • Ideal for seasonal or intermittent use (churches, camps, schools, summer homes, etc.)
  • Wooded areas, small and sloping sites
  • Sandy fill material can be used to provide additional vertical separation
  • A smaller percolation area is used due to the pre-treatment that takes place in the peat media

What are the key benefits of the Puraflo Peat Fibre system?

  • Can eliminate or reduce mounded systems
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Straight forward installation of packaged system
  • Two year warranty
  • Odor free
  • Media life expectancy in excess of 15 years
  • 100% natural system - no additives
  • High quality and reliable performance
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 40
  • Ability to disperse the treated effluent directly through a gravel pad underneath the Puraflo biofilter

For a animated view of how Puraflo peat fibre system works, click here.

Download a Puraflo peat fibre brochure