Why Choose Ecoflo?

  • No energy for the treatment
  • 100% renewable filtering media
  • 99% removal of pollutants
  • Permanent onsite solution
  • Access to the filter at all times
  • Easy and trouble-free installations
  • Built-in pump vault (eliminates pump tank)
  • Gravity or pumped discharge available
  • The PACK unit includes a 1,000 gallon septic tank attached to the unit
  • Available in polyethylene or concrete
  • Also available as a nitrogen removal unit

The Eljen GSF (Geotextile Sand Filter) adds a second, primary biomat layer on the surface of its unique Bio-Matt Fabric that gives you extra capacity in less space.  The Eljen GSF pretreats effluent with a patented two-stage bio-matt.

ELJEN Geotextile Sand Filter

Perc-Rite Drip Dispersal

Delta Ecopod-N



Why Drip Dispersal?

Drip Dispersal is a land application system for dispersal of wastewater effluent in decentralized environments.  Drip utilizes time dosed, low volume, equally distributed doses over an entire absorption area while at the same time providing final treatment and recycle back into the environment.  Drip provides optimum conditions for groundwater recharge to the receiving environment.  It is ideal for any size system:  single family homes, schools, churches, state parks, communities, commercial sites, etc.  Drip systems are aesthetically pleasing and are installed subsurface utilizing the out-of-sight out-of-mind theory.  Drip fields lend themselves to passive recreation with year round natural irrigation.

“Time dosed” systems provide for managing rest times between doses, peak flow notification, excess flow alarms and helps prevent soil saturation by maintaining an aerobic environment at the tubing interface.  Drip is ideal for shallow installations which maximizes the standoff to any site restrictions (i.e. rock, seasonal water table, etc.)  Sloping sites and/or wooded sites are not a problem.  Drip Dispersal is utilized in both warm and cold climates 365 days per year.  Drip can reduce storage requirements and may offer a reduced area footprint compared to conventional systems.  Drip is a reliable, proved and permanent option for your wastewater dispersal needs.

The Ecopod-N Fixed Film Wastewater Treatment System pumps air into a self-contained treatment tank, allowing bacteria to grow and thrive in much larger amounts than would occur naturally.  The over population of bacteria speeds up the process of breaking down domestic wastewater, making it safe for release into the disposal area.

Advanced Treatment Septic Systems

The AX-RT is a compact “plug and play” wastewater treatment system. It can be shallowly buried and installed right behind a septic tank, as easily as a septic tank, so contractors can schedule more jobs in a single day.

The AX-RT unit includes the following functional areas of the treatment process:

  1. Textile media for advanced treatment
  2. Recirculation/blending chamber
  3. Gravity or pump discharge to final dispersal
  4. Optional Orenco UV unit when disinfection is required

This simple design fits on the smallest lots and reduces costs for excavation, installation, and O&M. That means property owners can buy AdvanTex quality at a competitive price.

Tri-State Pump and Septic Supply, LLC specializes in alternative septic system products for both residential and commercial applications.  Alternative septic treatment technologies are designed to treat the liquid waste that gets generated from a residence or commercial place of business.  The main difference in an alternative septic system vs. a conventional septic system design is that the wastewater leaving the main septic tank gets treated therefore, accelerating the treatment process through the creation of an optimum environment for microrganisms that digest the waste, and for collection and storage of the resulting byproducts.  As a result, the effluent generated by the alternative technology being used is far better which allows for greater flexibility in disposing of the treated effluent.  None of our alternative septic system products use chemicals in the treatment process, making the effluent safer to put back into the ground once treated. 

Alternative septic systems are designed and installed as an alternative to conventional septic systems when sites do not have suitable soils, are too close to ground or surface water, lakes or streams, drinking wells, too steep, space constricted and other situations where a conventional system cannot be designed.  Alternative septic systems offer various solutions to various needs depending on site conditions that were otherwise deemed unsatisfactory for a conventional septic system.

The information on this website is provided as a general overview of what an alternative septic system is.  Each state in the U.S. has their own rules and regulations therefore you should consult with your State DEP for specific rules and regulations.

Below is a summary of the alternative septic system products and their manufacturer's that Tri-State Pump & Septic Supply, LLC work with.  Each system is designed for specific purposes and in some instances, they can be combined to achieve maximum results.  If you have any questions on any alternative septic system product, please feel free to contact us by phone at 973-823-0100.

Why Choose Delta Ecopod?

  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 40 and 245
  • ​Can be used in a poly, fiberglass or concrete tank
  • Completely submerged reactor disposes of wastewater quietly, efficiently, and with no odor
  • Typical effluent quality of 9 mg/L BOD5 and 8 mg/L TSS
  • No inner tank filters, screens or diffusers to service
  • Patented non-clogging air delivery system
  • Remote mount air compressor
  • Low initial capital cost and operation
  • Complete on-site system designs
  • ECOPOD-N treatment systems are
    pre-engineered, requiring no special
    expertise to design, specify, or install
  • True attached growth system – no mixed liquor
  • Integral clarifier – no external clarifier

Puraflo Peat Fiber

Eljen GSF Geotextile Sand Filter is a small non-aggregate leachfield system with big performance!

  • Pretreats Effluent with a 2-Stage Biomat
  • Greater Long Term Leaching Capacity
  • Mount or in-ground installations
  • Level or sloped sites
  • Trench or bed layouts
  • Requires a much smaller installation area
  • Lower Site Impact
  • No Stone Required... Less Offsite Fill
  • Lightweight Recycles Materials
  • Thousands of Installations
  • Patented Products & Technology
  • Approved in New York and New Jersey

American Onsite's Perc-Rite® Drip Dispersal system is ideal for any size system including single family homes, schools, churches, communities, commercial sites, etc.  The Perc-Rite® drip dispersal system is installed subsurface and is aesthetically pleasing with no visual evidence of the tubing in the ground.  Perc-Rite's® drip dispersal system is ideal for shallow installations, steep slopes and wooded lots.  Perc-Rite's® drip dispersal system utilizes time dosed, low volume, equally distributed doses over an entire absorption area. 

Advantex AX-RT

The Puraflo peat fiber biofilter system is the most versatile and reliable treatment system on the market. The system is sustainable and uses little to no energy. Puraflo is odor-free and operation is very simple. Puraflo’s flexibility coupled with performance is unmatched in the industry

^^Click image for demonstration^^

Presby Environmental

By utilizing simple yet effective natural processes, the Presby Treatment System treats septic tank effluent in a manner that prevents suspended solids from sealing the underlying soil, increases system aeration, and provides a greater bacterial treatment area (biomat) than traditional systems.  The system is completely covered with no lids exposed.  

Why Choose Puraflo?

  • Modular design assures flexible phasing options
  • Completely odor-free
  • Very low or no power requirements
  • Seasonal or intermittent use compatible
  • Factory assembled
  • P150N models certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 40
  • High level pathogen and nitrogen removal
  • Alternative to NPDES discharging systems
  • Green solution, based on passive biofiltration principles
  • Unique peat fiber with high cation exchange capacity and lignin content, which provides for a longer media life
  • Minimal system maintenance with no annual fluffing or raking of the peat fiber media

The Ecoflo unit treats wastewater naturally and acts as a barrier that retains pollutants due to its 100% organic filtering media made from a renewable raw material - coconut husks.  The Ecoflo unit is available as a stand alone treatment unit or all-in-one compact solution with the septic tank attached.

Ecoflo Coco Media

Why Choose Presby?

  • Cost-effective compared to conventional systems and mechanical devices
  • Requires no electricity or mechanical parts
  • Needs no maintenance other than pumping septic tank
  • Requires a smaller treatment field
  • Blends into sloping terrain
  • Adapts to difficult site constraints
  • Installs more easily and quickly than conventional systems
  • Eliminates the need for expensive washed stone
  • Adapts easily to both residential and commercial sites
  • Uses a protected receiving surface to maximize bacterial activity
  • Superior system performance and longevity
  • Recharges groundwater more safely than conventional systems
  • Significant post-consumer recycled plastic content

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