Support - Training and Education

In addition to our regular training programs, we also offer oversight for contractors when they are installing our systems to ensure the installation is a success.  Contractor's who have not installed advanced treatment systems can rest easy because we are their to help assist (we do not install) on hooking up the components and with any questions you have during the installation process.



Lake communities are a large part of where our systems get installed.  If you are on a lake committee and would like to meet with us or have us speak at one of your board meetings, we can schedule that at no cost.  Because our systems are beneficial in keeping the lake quality clean, it would benefit your association to learn about advanced treatment systems and how they work vs. conventional systems and how failing septics affect lake quality.  Please feel free to call us if you are interested in speaking with us.  We have given many presentations to lake committees around the State.

Tri-State Pump & Septic Supply, LLC

Tri-State Pump and Septic Supply offers classes to contractors, health officers, design engineers and homeowners to educate them on advanced pretreatment systems, what the are, how they work and where they are typically installed.  Our classes now offer NEHA and REHS credits.  We have conducted several training classes on how to install our products and always have the systems we promote on display at our warehouse so anyone can come in and look at them and get a better understanding of what they are and how they work before they design, install, purchase or inspect them.