Tri-State Pump & Septic Supply, LLC




We are authorized service providers for the following Advanced Treatment Wastewater Systems:

  • Puraflo by Anua-US
  • PuraSys Bubbler by Anua-US
  • ​Presby Environmental
  • Ecoflo by Premier Tech Aqua
  • Ecopod by Delta Environmental
  • SeptiTech, a subsidiary of Bio-Microbics
  • Perc-Rite Drip Dispersal by American Manufacturing
  • Advantex Systems by Orenco Systems Inc.
  • Nibbler by AquaTest Incorporated
  • Aquarobics by Aqua02 Wastewater Treatment Systems, Inc.


In New Jersey, any advanced wastewater system installed will require a maintenance contract for the life of the system per N.J.A.C. 7:9A Standards For Individual Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems 7:9A-12.3. 

  • 7:9A-12.3 Maintenance and monitoring requirements for systems incorporating advanced wastewater pretreatment devices (a) The owner of a system that includes an advanced wastewater pretreatment device, including all drip dispersal systems, shall have in place a service contract, throughout the life of the system, with an authorized service provider. A current service contract signed by the property owner and an authorized service provider must be in place prior to issuance of any certificate of compliance, any occupancy permit, or any sign off by the administrative authority required for the issuance of any construction application, applied for after the installation of the advanced wastewater pretreatment device, to a municipality pursuant to N.J.S.A. 58:11-25.

Maintenance is required for advanced wastewater pretreatment systems because they are typically installed where a conventional system cannot be.  Advanced wastewater pretreatment systems are installed with smaller disposal areas or closer to wells and property lines than conventional systems so it is very important that they are working as designed and not failing from mis-use or improper maintenance.

When one of our products are purchased, we will send the homeowner a copy of the maintenance and operating agreement that will most likely need to be signed before a permit is issued by the local health department.  The initial fee that we charge is $300 per year which includes two visits annually (or $150/visit).  During maintenance, we will perform the following functions to ensure your system is operating correctly:

  • Observe, monitor and record the wastewater level in the tanks as well as solids and scum layer
  • Check all tanks for oily film and foam
  • Inspect any effluent or pump filters for clogging and clean at each visit
  • Check the clarity of the system
  • Check final effluent for odor
  • Check the pH of final effluent
  • Check for ponding of effluent around the advanced wastewater pre-treatment device and/or disposal field
  • Record pump cycles and elapsed time meter readings on systems with pumps
  • For drip systems, check the headworks and filters and service as needed
  • Notify the homeowner if any of the tanks require pumping (at owner's expense)

Once our inspection is complete, the homeowner and the local governing health department will receive a copy of the report.  We also maintain a copy and a complete file/binder on each property that we maintain.